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MGC are able to offer a wide range of courses. All courses can be run through either LANTRA or NPTC.

In addition to the courses listed, we provide bespoke and specialist training. Course length can be varied to provide training packages that meet your requirements.


Course title No. of trainees per course Course length NPTC qualification
Maintain and operate the chain saw 4 2-3 days CS30
Felling small trees
200mm - 380mm
4 3-4 days CS31
Felling medium trees
380mm - 760mm
4 3-4 days CS32
Felling large trees
> 760mm
4 2 days CS33
Process individual windblown trees 4 1-2 days CS34
Climb trees & carry out aerial rescue 4 5 days CS38
Use a chain saw from rope and harness 4 2-3 days CS39
Carry out pruning operations 4 2.5 days CS40
Carry out dismantling operations 4 2.5 days CS41
Use chain saw from a mobile elevated work platform (MEWP) 4 3 days CS47
Thorough examination of arboricultural equipment 8 2 days Thorough examination
Brushwood chipper 4 1 day C/C Brushwood chipper
Stump grinding operations 4 1 day C/C Stump grinder
Brushcutting operations
can include strimmer, brushcutter, clearing saw
4 1-2 days C/C Brushcutting operations
Safe use of pesticides 8 1 day PA1
Hand held applicators 8 1 day PA6A
Combined PA1/PA6A course 8 3 days PA1/6A
All other PA units 6 1 day each See leaflet
Tractor driving and tractor loader 6 2-3 days C/C tractor driving
Machine maintenance 6 3 days C/C machine maintenance
Mowers - all types 6 3 days C/C in mowing operations
ATVs - ride-on or ride-in 6 2 days C/C in ATV
Hedge trimmers with hedgerow maintenance 6 2 days C/C in hedge trimmers
Abrasive wheels 8 1 day n/a
Manual handling 8 1 day n/a
Fork lift trucks 3 1-5 days C/C fork lift trucks
First aid at work 8 4 days Certificate in controlling risks to health and safety in agriculture / horticulture level 3
Power pole pruners 6 1 day Lantra ITA
  • C/C – Certificate of Competence
  • Course length depends on whether trainees have prior knowledge and experience.