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Due to legislation changes, employed and self-employed staff are now expected either to hold certificates of competence or to have been trained in their particular line of work, be it using a chainsaw, forklift truck, pesticides or first aid. HSE Guidance (PUWER98).

MGC works to the highest standards in safety and use only the best instructors in the field. All our instructors are qualified, nationally recognised and registered with the relevant bodies. LANTRA NPTC (HSE).

Our staff currently provide training for a large number of colleges in the South of England. We also provide LANTRA courses on a wide range of topics. Instructors are all LANTRA trained and registered.

Where our assessors are NPTC (National Proficiency Tests Council) registered they have to be nationally qualified and have to undergo a rigorous standards evaluation and verification every 3 years. Only then are they allowed to operate as active assessors.

MGC apply the same standards in our training and have a high pass rate on all the courses we provide. You have a right to the very best service and we take pride in people enjoying our courses as well as meeting the national training standard.

We are constantly trying to improve the service we provide so that you get value for money. We will endeavour to offer the most competitive rate available either here in the UK or overseas.