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what we offer

MGC will aim to:
  • Provide high quality courses at competitive prices, to meet identified business needs.
  • Design courses to a client's specification within a certain time scale, for delivery at the client's premises, or other venue.
  • Provide clear and accurate information about MGC courses including planned outcomes, charges and times of attendance.
  • Seek clients' views to ensure MGC is meeting training needs.
  • Monitor and evaluate services to clients to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Develop collaborative links with industry and other bodies in the community.

Effective teaching and learning:
  • We will provide qualified and experienced staff.
  • We aim to provide access to a variety of learning resources.
  • We will provide support where possible if you have any learning difficulties and/or disabilities.

You are responsible for:
  • Managing your own learning, being punctual and notifying absences to your instructor.
  • Seeking advice if you have any problem with any part of your studies.
  • Conforming to the joining instructions in course times and requirements.
  • Having respect for your surroundings.

To be treated with respect:
  • We have an equal opportunities policy. You can expect MGC to create the best possible environment so that you feel welcome and comfortable regardless of you race, gender, age, sexuality, disability and faith.
  • A disability discrimination statement is available.
  • You are expected to play your part by showing respect for trainers and members of the company.
  • You should follow all the rules and regulations laid down by MGC, particularity where they affect the safety of yourself or others.

Our high standard of quality:
  • Our goal is to ensure that you succeed in your studies and that our standards continue to improve. We also provide opportunities for you to tell us how you feel about the course and how improvements could be made.
  • Comment sheets are available from MGC. Fill out and return to us if you feel that there have been aspects of the course that have been particularly good. All comments will be used for the improvement of future courses.

Concerns and complaints:
  • We aim to offer excellent courses and services. Our commitment to high quality means that we are constantly seeking to make improvements by learning from our mistakes.
  • We welcome comment on any aspects of your experience of MGC. We listen to your concerns, and complaints and take them seriously.
    All feedback will be kept confidential.