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company profile

MGC was founded in the mid-seventies and is involved in all areas of commercial tree work from large forestry harvesting operations to garden projects.

In the early eighties company founder, Mark Brewer, studied at Merrist Wood Agricultural College taking the NCH(Arb). Following this, he went to North America for a year to work in the large forests of Oregon and Washington, gaining valuable experience on the technical side of tree work and logging.

Returning to the United Kingdom, MGC started to develop links in the timber industry co-ordinating restoration work on a large estate in southern England and helping clear up after the great storm of 1987.

After the great storm MGC became involved in buying and selling English hardwoods and saw-milling, providing wood for a number of large timber constructions in green oak.

In the early nineties MGC was approached to help develop sustainable timber projects in the tropical rainforests of Ecuador. The British Government retained MGC on a consultancy basis, to deal with all aspects of sustainable forestry under what was now known as the AWA project. MGC were involved in setting up a complete project and responsibilities included installing a sawmill and drying facilities and providing saw doctoring equipment. MGC were also responsible for harvesting and extraction operations from forest to sawmill. Other projects included road-making, bridge-building and erecting a community house with timber taken from the local forest.

During this time MGC set-up training courses for the local community dealing with all aspects of tropical rainforest management from surveying to extraction, felling, saw milling, bridge building, machinery and vehicle maintenance. A number of chainsaw courses were set up with training manuals written by MGC in Spanish. These manuals are still in use throughout South America and the Caribbean.

MGCs experience means we are now able to offer a wide range of training packages to meet most needs. MGC specialise in bespoke training, installation of woodland grant schemes, improvement grants, felling license applications and advice on conservation and woodland management.